Off-Grid / Hybrid Power System

maroochydore power system

Speak to our team about installing an on-grid, off-grid or hybrid solar system and power your property with renewable energy. We are a Clean Energy Council accredited installer, so you can be confident that your new unit will meet Australian industry standards.

An on-grid inverter is the most common system sold throughout Australia. This type of solar system features:

  • Conventional street power connection
  • Exportation of extra energy back to the grid or to be stored in batteries

An off-grid inverter is completely independent from the mains, with features including:

  • A stand-alone, battery powered unit
  • Free power from the sun year-round
  • 100% energy autonomy—no need to hook up to conventional street power poles or underground lines.

A hybrid or back-up solar inverter system provides some features from both styles, featuring:

  • A connection to street power
  • Power back-ups to your property should the main lines go out—uses solar panels & battery
30Kw Solar trackers
10Kw Solar Tower
Off grid set up by Advantage